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Art & rambling.

- I signed up for fandom365days, that means I'm working on 100 Mike/RayK icons. I will make one every day (except for the days I can't) and post them here! Take a look if you want :) Only 4 so far.

- Finally got around to watching Purple Toast. I wish the poeple that were responsible for the soundtrack a slow and painful death. Cause fuck that was painful to listen to. Icon! :D

- I'm in love with True Blood once again! It's making me look forward to Mondays :o Art! :D (click to enlarge the wall, duh)

- SHATTERED NEXT WEDNESDAY! :DDD Tried to make a wall where CKR is shattered, gotta admit I'm pretty happy with the result. Even though my 3d effects could use some improvement. (click to enlarge the wall, duh)

- Okay so I can't draw, yet I wanted to try illustrator :P Naturally I drew Ray because who else would you have me stare at for an hour? (or however long it took, lost track of time). I had no idea what I was doing so please tell me if I suck? :D

(click it!)
Tags: a tag for things i don't have a tag for, icons: ckr, icons: true blood, wallpapers
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