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20th-Mar-2011 08:31 pm(no subject)
So... I haven't kept up with my flist for like forever. How are you all doing?
I am okay. Not much new happening. I've pretty much moved on to tumblr. While it's a bit annoying at times, it takes up less time and it's easier to keep up with a bunch of fandoms there. My username is deadbowie there if you want to follow me there.

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18th-Dec-2010 11:55 pm - Another random graphic post...
...which includes:
21 icons for whedonland
5 Callum icons
2 Gary Oldman icons
34 Californication icons
3 Picpams for whedonland
2 Sirius/Remus wallpapers
7 Quote thingies (House, Leoben, Buffy, Angel, Buffy/Angel)
1 Deathly Hallows gif


I solemnly swear that I am up to no goodCollapse )

I have to admit that I've mainly been PSing xmas cards lately XD
Credit and comments are love
19th-Nov-2010 03:56 pm - I'm baaaaack :D
I blame my absence on Stephen Fry, who got me to listen to the HP audiobooks. Not only was that 125 hours of listening, but then I had to go and get addicted to HP fic. I can't even try to tell you how bad this obsession is, but I've never been this much behind on my TV shows. NEVER. I think I just stopped doing everything else. Well, at least I'm almost back to normal now.

I don't really have much new to offer, but I do have a whole bunch of unposted stuff that's mostly old...

What hides behind the veil:
29 icons, mostly for whedonland
a school assignment
unposted picspams from ages ago (DS, Harper's, Cali)
and some puppy love

warning: very image heavyCollapse )
10th-Oct-2010 08:10 pm - Tears Bring Harry icons
lisbuff made me a new layout, isn't it gorgeous? :D

206 icons behind the cutCollapse )
9th-Oct-2010 02:52 pm(no subject)
1-174: Shattered 1x04, Sound of a Strap
175-232 Due South 4x09, A Likely Story

It's an approximation of wildernessCollapse )
- A big thanks to artasproduct for the dS screencaps.
- Please credit and comment.
4th-Oct-2010 08:33 pm - Request post.
... because I'm lacking inspiration and have pretty much nothing to do for the rest of the week :)

You can request icons, wallpapers, gifs, picspams, banners,  FO banners... anything else you can think of that's made with photoshop.

Maximum of 3 requests at a time please, you can always come back for more later this week (for icons I'd say 10 icons is one request - depends on the icon).

Be specific or not specific. I have to admit I prefer specific requests, but I'll take anything. Feel free to provide me with pictures to make icons, but not the bigger stuff, don't be shy and if you have any questions; ask.  :)

TV fandoms: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Firefly, Californication, Dexter, Due South, Castle, Nip/Tuck, Durham County, House, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Terminator: SCC,  Big Bang Theory,  Six Feet Under, Dollhouse, Veronica Mars, Community, Slings & Arrows, Flashpoint, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, Shattered, Torchwood and Doctor Who.
If your fandom isn't a TV show, ask, I couldn't possibly list every movie or book or whatever I like. Anything CKR related is cool as long as there's a way to find caps of it online.

Also, please tell me if you want your request to be just for you or sharable :)
Shattered is available there, in HD. Which is something I would LOVE to get my hands on! That means I could icon the bomb scene, make banners etc.
When you download it, is there any way of using that copy in VLC? (or any other program I can do screencaps with)
I wouldn't mind converting it...

Can you even buy this if you're not in Canada?
Obviously I can't download it from my Norwegian account, but can you get around the area thing if you make a new account where you state you're from Canada even though you are not?

Heeeeeeeelp because as you can see, I have no clue about any of this.
24th-Sep-2010 03:06 pm(no subject)
97 Shattered 1x03 icons

click. click. click.Collapse )
24th-Sep-2010 02:46 pm - 20 icons for tv20in20

Read more...Collapse )
19th-Sep-2010 03:45 pm - 20 in 20 icons
20 icons for bsg_20in20 - Maelstrom
20 icons for scifieps20in20 - Firefly 'War Stories'
20 icons for himym20in20 - Season 4
20 icons for whedon20in20
20 icons for couples20in20 - Due South, Fraser/RayK


click me!Collapse )
with a huuuuge picspam of Callum through the years :DDD

A lot of awesomeness behind the cut!Collapse )
11th-Sep-2010 09:43 pm - Shattered and Due South icons.
1-13: Due South quote/text icons
14-181: Shattered 1x02 icons
182-214: Due South icons (mostly Ms. Fraser)

I felt like making some DS quote icons, so I pulled some random quotes from my head. I'm planning to do more so if you've got any quotes you wanna see on an icon, add it in your comment and I will make it :)

The rest of the DS icons were made for lucifuge_5 who won the bidding on help_pakistan :)


What kind of Indian has never been to Nevada?Collapse )
8th-Sep-2010 05:36 pm - Gifs, gifs, gifs!
Tried out a new gifmaking technique, which was actually pretty quick :D

8 Gifs of 'Sins of the Father', they aren't small either, some of them are about 10MB.

Mini preview, since Photobucket felt like uploading a mini version of this :P

Not even remotely dial-up friendlyCollapse )
6th-Sep-2010 08:29 pm - 253 Shattered icons
I hope you were expecting no less from me :D

are you really a douchebag?Collapse )
4th-Sep-2010 12:32 am(no subject)
  • Shattered was everything I hoped it would be :DDDD I am in love with it already. 
  • I want to be able to download Shattered already >:(
  • I'm watching Spartacus right now out of sheer boredom. I can't say it's all that good, but it's also surprisingly entertaining
  • I've been trying to figure out how to get better at manips, but I can't find any good tutorials out there :( If anyone knows of any a link would be greatly appreciated. I tried a few different things, just to teach myself how it works. Working with making manips of the same scene or picture, rather than trying to add something with completely different lighting and skin tones. I'll need to figure out how to do that later. Like this:
    the rest is behind the cut because there are pictures involvedCollapse )
24th-Aug-2010 10:51 pm - Art & rambling.
- I signed up for fandom365days, that means I'm working on 100 Mike/RayK icons. I will make one every day (except for the days I can't) and post them here! Take a look if you want :) Only 4 so far.

- Finally got around to watching Purple Toast. I wish the poeple that were responsible for the soundtrack a slow and painful death. Cause fuck that was painful to listen to. Icon! :D

- I'm in love with True Blood once again! It's making me look forward to Mondays :o Art! :D (click to enlarge the wall, duh)

- SHATTERED NEXT WEDNESDAY! :DDD Tried to make a wall where CKR is shattered, gotta admit I'm pretty happy with the result. Even though my 3d effects could use some improvement. (click to enlarge the wall, duh)

- Okay so I can't draw, yet I wanted to try illustrator :P Naturally I drew Ray because who else would you have me stare at for an hour? (or however long it took, lost track of time). I had no idea what I was doing so please tell me if I suck? :D

(click it!)
Gotta make 100 icons in a year, one per day.
Picked Mike/Ray because crossovers are hard and time consuming and I would never have bothered doing them if it weren't for this :)

12 down 88 to goCollapse )
For reasons which don't need exploring at this juncture I was forced by my own brain to color these pictures.

TWO: pictures that were greyscaled are now in RGB colors :D
SEVEN: icons of these two pictures.


Appearently I had nothing better to do on a Friday night....Collapse )
19th-Aug-2010 09:52 pm - 169 House and True Blood icons
1-37: House MD (mostly of House)
37-169: True Blood (Season 3: mostly Eric, Sookie and Jessica)


and now the weather, TiffanyCollapse )
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